Tired of Trying to Make
Money Online and Failing?

Tired of Trying to Make
Money And Failing?

Discover My Simple Tactics To Make Money By This Weekend

Even If You’ve Tried and Failed A Thousand Times Before

And if you stick with me for the next 9 minutes, you’re going to discover step-by-step strategies about how to finally crack the code of starting an online business which will give you the freedom and lifestyle you want

I couldn’t believe I was finally here.
My family and ALL of my friends thought I was totally, utterly, and completely INSANE. I had $10 in my pocket — didn’t know ANYBODY — and had zero prospects for getting a job.

Wait… first, let me back up.
My name is Magic Leone. I was born in India. I speak English with a very thick accent. I never graduated from college.

And despite all of this just 18 years after arriving in the US with practically NOTHING, I now live in a fancy apartment overlooking the bay in Miami Beach. My monthly maintenance is more than what most people pay for their 4-5 bedroom mortgage. I travel 7-8 months a year and make money while traveling. I paid $200,000 in for my wife’s law education.
My clients pay me between $3,500-$200,000 a year for training.
And I’ve done it all by running my businesses completely online.

Look, I’m not saying all of this to brag, really, I promise.
I simply want you to know it REALLY is possible to succeed running a business completely online, even if you’ve tried and failed before.

Here is a small proof how much money you can Make Easily:

Build A Business You Can Be Proud Of​

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Just some other GURU who’s trying to take my money and give me some advice which won’t work.” And after seeing the kind of junk which is out there on the Internet today… who can blame you?

I wasted $1,000s on “programs”, hacks, courses, and books which left me more confused than when I started. When I was at my lowest still broke after living in the US for several months I thought about giving up and returning to India with my tail between my legs.

But there was NO WAY I was going do it. I’d worked too hard to get here and wasn’t going to let anything stop me from achieving the success I KNEW was mine to take.

I had tried and felt like a failure.

But then I read a quote by Jim Rohn —
" If you don’t like how things are, change it!
It completely changed my life. "

Because I knew if I was to truly succeed, it really was up to me to internalize EVERYTHING I read, saw, and experienced and develop my own way  to success. So I did.

And over the last 18 years, I built the kind of wealth I dreamed of when I first set foot in the United States. The fact of the matter is it was actually MUCH EASIER than the Gurus made it seem. One thing I discovered in hindsight is the so-called “experts” make all their money by selling courses on how to make money.

Ridiculous, right? But they have never actually make money using their own advice. They simply find the hot new market and sell a course about how to make money. And once I figured out I had to rely on myself — my businesses took off.

So what is my life like now?

I live in a fancy apartment overlooking the bay in Miami Beach. My monthly maintenance is more than what most people pay for their mortgage. I am one of the highest paid dating coaches in the WORLD. My clients pay me between $3,500-$200,000 a year for training. You read it right… $200,000 for a year of coaching. I am a master at selling high-end tickets. I travel 7-8 months a year and make money while traveling. And even though I’ve already mentioned it — I have to say it again… I paid $200,000 for my wife’s law education — cash — thanks to just 1 client.

Look, the truth is most coaches cannot help you unless you already have a business which is making good money. They simply show you how to make a few tweaks to your operations here and there to get a little more revenue coming in the door. But we both know it doesn’t do you any good if you’re struggling to get your business off the ground in the first place.

Which is why I finally bit the bullet and created the most comprehensive program for you, who wants the freedom an online business gives you, but haven’t found the “one idea” which will launch you into the life of freedom you’ve dreamt of.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

The Easiest, Fastest Way to Start

a Business and Succeed

I’m a simple guy, I need something laid out to me in color-by-numbers simplicity. So when I was making 5X Blueprint, it’s exactly how I designed it. You get a simple, step by step, 1, 2, 3 solution which takes you from business idea and research all the way to 5X’ing your sales once you’re up and going.


Discover the 5-minute test the most SUCCESSFUL business owners use to know almost instantly if a business will succeed.

I Can't Make It Any Easier For You

The 5X Blueprint has EVERYTHING you need to go

from Idea To making money.

But what makes it different is you’ll continue to get valuable information along the way because you’ll stay in contact with me, getting the latest advice on what’s working for me and my other clients to continually scale your business — to make more and more money.

So where does this leave us?

Well — we know you’re interested in starting an online business which gives you the freedom and money you want to live the lifestyle you desire. And you’ve probably invested in other programs from so-called “experts” whose only successful business is selling courses on how to start a business. They have no actual experience in starting, running, and succeeding in online business. And if you only take away one thing from our talk today, I want you to understand this. Even if you’ve tried and failed to start an online business before… this time is DIFFERENT.

You see — I’m not a Guru who’s only source of income is selling this course.

I’m not good at a lot of things. I can’t set the clock on my microwave…
I’m horrible at remembering my family and friends’ birthdays… But I know how to start and run successful online businesses.

 I’ve done it for more than 18 years and my results speak for themselves. So you’re probably wondering “why give away all your secrets then?” Fair question. And the answer is a very simple one. I have all the money I need. I don’t say it to brag — it’s simply the truth. And as I’ve gotten older, I’m proud to be in a position to help others succeed. Remember my story earlier about how I couldn’t find anyone to help me early in my career? All the “experts” would only help someone who already had what I considered a successful business. No one would help someone just starting out

Well, I vowed to myself when I finally succeeded…

I would be the one to help folks just like me when I was starting. So the 5X Blueprint is the result.
Now look — if you’re not truly committed to succeeding… if you’re simply going to buy the program, skim through it, and not take action… it’s really not for you and we should part ways now. But if you’re tired of trying and failing to get your business off the ground;
Sick of feeling like a failure when you see so many others making great livings while you struggle;
And a little angry you haven’t been able to “crack the code”, then 5X Blueprint is DEFINITELY for you.

So here’s the deal:

5X Blueprint has 5 modules which take you by the hand and walk you, 1, 2, 3… step-by-step… from coming up with an idea, all the way to scaling your business so it runs on autopilot — so you can focus on what’s most important to you — living the life you want.
Living your dream.
Proving everyone else in your life wrong who says you’re wasting your time. Having freedom. And happiness.

When I put the program together, I showed it to a lot of my colleagues — people in my different Masterminds — fellow entrepreneurs — and mentors. Almost everyone to a “T” told me 5X Blueprint was EASILY worth over $10,000 if I held a conference and taught people this information.
Now, obviously you’re not going to pay $10,000.
In fact, when you buy it today, you’ll only pay $1,997.
And since I’m just launching 5X Blueprint, you’re getting some AMAZING bonuses, too.

But first, let me show you

What You Get:

5X Niche Research

Discover how millionaire business owners find and evaluate the MOST PROFITABLE business ideas and know within minutes if their idea has a chance to succeed. This information alone will save you weeks and possibly thousands of dollars chasing ideas which simply have no way of succeeding. In fact, I saved a family member from wasting months of her life chasing an idea I knew within about 30 seconds would NEVER succeed online.

Your First Product or Service

Learn how to transform your idea into a sellable product that people want to buy. Discover my personal strategy to generate winning content fast. You will create a product that is helpful to your buyers and makes them want to buy more from you. You will also discover the best product delivery platform for your product, how to pick a winning name and how to layout your content the right way. Whether you want to create a physical product, an online course, a service, a physical book or make money using Adsense, this section will give you all the tools to create a product that has the potential to make you a lot of money.

Creating 5X Profit Sales Funnels

See how to lead your prospects through a series of steps which practically guarantees they’ll give you money at the end of their journey. You’ll take them by the hand and prove to them you are the answer to their problem… and they’ll gladly open their wallet and become your customer for life!

This will be the number 1 thing that puts a lot of money in your pocket. You will learn how to set up your website and build a sales machine (without any coding or web design experience) so you can sell multiple products to the same buyer and make more money per visitor.

You will discover various types of sales funnels and decide which one is best for your business. You will then learn how to stack multiple funnels for increased revenue and profits. By the end of this section, you will have a website ready to send traffic and make a lot of money.

Email Marketing And Copywriting

You will discover masterful ways to write sales copy and emails that sell without any writing experience and even if you don't speak proper English just like me. Copywriting is less about proper English and has more to do with engaging the audience with emotions.

In this section, you will learn how to write great sales pages and emails which are already proven to be a winner. You will learn how to write to sell and not just fill pages. You will get access to tools that will help you create emails for all your sales, autoresponders and up sells.

Driving Traffic

Look over my shoulder as I show you the EXACT process I use to locate potential customers and send them to my website. Once you know where to find people who want what you have, it’s so easy to get them to your website… and to read about your solution to their problem.

Increase Revenue And Profit

You will discover the strategies of top marketers on how they increase their revenue and profits per customer. This is the difference between businesses that struggle to survive vs. businesses that make millions of dollars.

In this section, you will discover the strategy and the tools to grow your leads, sales, and profit per customer. You will have access to all the tools I use to drop my ad cost, increase sales and make more money per customer.

Scaling Your Business 5X

Once you’re making money… you want to make more. Am I right? Of course I am! So you’re going to discover how to EASILY increase your profits and scale your business 5X with hardly any additional work on your part. You’ll see how to leverage the skills and talents of others to put your business on autopilot so you can make more money while having more freedom. It’s truly magical and it’s been my way of life for over a decade.

What about Bonuses?

Because I want you to succeed — and succeed WAY faster than I did, I’ve got some awesome stuff for you if you order today.

2 Free Tickets to The iIaugural 5X Event in Miami in 2019

Over two days in sunny Miami, you’ll meet other 5Xers and get personal instruction on how to scale your business to create the lifestyle you want. A $4,000 value.

6 Months of Email Support With Me

If you have ANY questions about 5X Blueprint, business in general, life, love, or money… just ask and I’ll answer any question you have. A $6,000 value.

All My Landing And Sales Page Templates

So you don’t have to hire expensive designers to build your website and sales pages. All you have to do is change the content and start making money with these tested and proven templates. A $10,000 value.

My Personal List of Vendors I Use to Run My Business

These are the copywriters, graphic designers, tech folks, virtual assistants, and others I use to help run my multi-million dollar business so I can travel over half the year and wake up each day with more money in the bank than the day before. This information is practically priceless because the return on investment these vendors provide me is almost infinite! A $10,000 value.

My Quiz Plugin

I build a unique quiz plugin for WordPress and paid $8000. This plugin quadrupled my lead generation and increased my sales conversions. It dropped the cost of my facebook Advertisement from $3.5 per lead to 42 cents per lead. I will give you this plugin $3000 value.

Done For You Email Campaigns

Email marketing is the number one way to get sales. Most people do not get their email campaigns right. A good copywriter will charge you anywhere between $500-5000 for 5 emails. I am going to give you swipe files for various email campaigns that have made me money in various industries. All you have to do is change the content and send it to your list then start cashing in checks. 12,000 value.

OK, here’s what you do now:

Just click the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the page and you’ll go to the checkout page. Next, simply select if you want to pay $1,997 right now or choose 3 easy payments of just $697 each. That’s it!

You’ll get immediate access to 7 Week 5X Blueprint your invitation to the 5X event in Miami, and my list of vendors who’ll help you build your empire faster than you EVER thought possible.

Remember, you get the entire 5X Blueprint program. 7 modules of information I learned over 18 years of creating my online businesses, your 6 bonuses worth EASILY $45,000 totally FREE, plus 6 months of email support from me. Listen, there’s no reason to even think about this, because I’m going to make it super easy for you.

When you buy 5X Blueprint today, you’ll also get my 180 day, 100%, iron-clad money back guarantee. If you’re not totally thrilled with your results after 6 full months, just let me know and I’ll refund all of your money. There is nothing for you to lose, because remember, you have access to me personally for 6 months. If we can’t work together to get your business off the ground and making you money, I’ll gladly give your money back. Look, you want to succeed with your business to build a company which provides you the money to live the lifestyle you want and to prove everyone wrong who said you’re crazy for trying.

Even if you’ve tried and failed before… this time really is different. No other “expert” has the experience I have or is willing to be with you every step of the way.

Just click the “Add to Cart” button today, choose your payment option, and start changing your life today.

Remember — you have 180 days to get your business running and making money or you get all of your money back. It really is this simple.

So click “Add to Cart” and let’s get started — together!